Friday, August 12, 2011

Like making money for Facebooking

Well, think about it. Must of us already know that certain social websites make their profit off the very information that you give for free. And really, this is no different. 

Yes, it targets mainly North America and some of the UK, if you're outside of these limits like me, I'll have a post up for how to legally get around that. Otherwise, listen up:

  • Yes, there are surveys. They don't pay much, but it feels nice to make a dollar when you're bored and doing nothing of importance anyway.
  • It's not only surveys. Some sites pay these people to have other people try them out. All you have to do is sign up and follow some instructions to get anywhere from 25 cents to a few dollars.
  • There's games. Not nifty, amazing games. But the simpler ones like different types of solitaire or Snake. (who doesn't love snake?) if you have points, you play games for points, you can use points to get gift cards or other things, up to the very unlikely Playstation 3
And if you think this is just some scam, look at probably the person who's gotten the most success out of this so far, Jammer.

What's that mean? It means he's either getting a check sent to him or cashing it in. Once you make $20, you get a check sent to your address. 

No, it's not phony or shopped, you can see the comment for yourself on the previous post.

And let it be known this isn't some random teen with nothing better to do, he has a Stock Analysis Blog, yes, click that link and see for yourself, follow while you're at it, you might learn about stocks.

Feel ready to start? Join and make easy cash.